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Always Wear Your Seat Belt - Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

Every day our Michigan accident lawyers see the outcome of car accidents, handling cases for injury victims or ones who have lost a loved one in an accident. The injuries suffered in car accidents are often serious and even catastrophic.  Many times, the degree of injury or harm could have been much less severe if the occupant had been properly restrained and belted in the car. 

Seat Belt Analysis For Car Accidents

The statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) and are worth noting.  

  • Overall, 63% of people killed in car accidents are not wearing seat belts.
  • Wearing a seat belt will reduce the risk of serious crash injuries by 50%. 
  • In the year 2007, 702 lives were saved due to the fact that a seat belt was used by the driver/ passenger.

Embrace Life Video - Buckle Up

We recently viewed a new video on seat belt safety that's circulating the internet.  The short video sends such a powerful message without a using single spoken word.  We realize the seriousness of not wearing a seat belt and want to share this video with you.

The video "Embrace Life - Always Wear Your Seat Belt" shows the physical and emotional effects of a car accident victim who was not wearing a seat belt. This person isn't just any person, but a husband and a father. Watching the video will make you think of your own life and who you would leave behind. Being in an accident doesn't just affect you, but every person who loves you. Watch the video and see how you are affected.  You will never get behind the wheel again without buckling your seat belt.

Car Accident Injuries

Wearing your seat belt is a simple way to both prevent injuries and minimize the seriousness of potential injuries.  The simple act of buckling a seat belt can prevent major harm, including:

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Victims of auto accident do have legal rights and should pursue them immediately after the accident. Our Michigan car accident lawyers will represent you in your Michigan car accident case and also help you receive all of your Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits, including medical expenses, lost wages, attendant care services, and other benefits.

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