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Michigan Ankle Injury Lawyer

Ankle fractures and injuries can have a serious effect on an accident victim. Michigan personal injury lawyers who represent clients who have suffered ankle injuries must have a detailed knowledge and understanding of this type of injury, treatment for this type of injury, and its effect on the client is essential to achieving the best possible settlement for the injured client.

Ankle Injuries

An ankle injury frequently arises from trauma, such as a car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall accident, bicycle accident, or recreational injury.  Depending on the cause of the injury, the injured person may have legal rights to be compensated for his or her injury, including money damages for  pain and suffering,  disability, medical bills, and lost wages.

The ankle joint, which connects the foot with the lower leg, is injured often. An unnatural twisting motion can happen when the foot is planted awkwardly, when the ground is uneven, or when an unusual amount of force is applied to the joint. Such injuries happen during athletic events, while running or walking, or even during everyday activities such as getting out of bed. Ankle injuries can be painful and can make it difficult to carry out daily activities.

The ankle joint is made up of three bones - the tibia (the major bone of the lower leg which bears most of the body's weight), the fibula (the smaller of the two bones in the lower leg), and the talus (the top bone of the foot).

Tendons connect muscles to bones. Several muscles control motion at the ankle. Each has a tendon connecting it to one or more of the bones of the foot. Tendons can be stretched or torn when the joint is subjected to greater than normal stress. Tendons also can be pulled off the bone. An example of an injury of this type would be an Achilles tendon rupture.

Common Types of Ankle Injuries - Ankle Sprains

Ligaments provide connection between bones. Sprains are injuries to the ligaments. The ankle has many bones that come together to form the joint, so it has many ligaments holding it together. Stress on these ligaments can cause them to stretch or tear. Ligaments are injured when a greater than normal stretching force is applied to them. This happens most commonly when the foot is turned inward or inverted.

When an ankle is injured with a sprain, tissue injury and the resulting inflammation occur.   Typical changes that happen with inflammation include swelling, pain, and redness and warmth.

Treatment For Ankle Injuries - Ankle Fractures

The doctor will perform a physical exam to see if a fracture or other serious injury has happened that requires immediate care.   X-rays are often, but not always, needed to make sure that a fracture is not present. In some cases of fracture, a CT scan may be needed.

Care at home is directed toward lessening pain and helping healing. Because most of the pain is caused by inflammation, the goal is to reduce inflammation and keep it from happening. Ice is the best treatment. Rest prevents further injury and avoids stress on already inflamed tissue.   Elevation (keeping the injured area up as high as possible) will help the body absorb fluid that has leaked into the tissue.   Anti-inflammatory pain medications will reduce the pain and combat the swelling.

Treatment by a doctor will be similar to home care, especially using ice to lessen the inflammation. The doctor may elect to apply a brace or cast to reduce motion of the ankle. Crutches are frequently provided so the patient does not have to bear weight on the injured ankle.

An orthopedic or podiatric specialist should be consulted if initial treatment fails as surgery may be required.

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