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Michigan Animal Attack Lawyer Discusses National Dog Bite Statistics

Our Michigan dog bite attorneys are reporting national dog bite statistics given by  According to, 4.7 million people per year sustain a dog bite. Of those 4.7 million individuals, 800,000 receive medical attention for their dog bite. Children are by far the most common victims of dog bite attacks. Half of those who need medical attention for a dog bite are children. These dog attacks generally happen during everyday activities and while interacting with a familiar dog.

What To Do When Bitten By A Dog In Michigan

When an individual is bitten by a dog in Michigan there are four things they should do according to

  1. If the dog’s owner is present, request proof of rabies vaccination, and get the owner’s name and contact information
  2. Clean bite wound with soap and water as soon as possible
  3. Consult your doctor immediately or go to the emergency room if it’s after hours
  4. Contact the dog’s veterinarian to check vaccination records.

How To Prevent A Dog Bite Attack

Taking the proper precautions will help reduce the chance of being bitten or attacked by a dog. suggests 5 precautionary measures everyone should take to ensure their safety:

  1. Be Cautious around strange dogs
  2. Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog
  3. Be alert for potentially dangerous situations
  4. Teach children to be careful around pets. Children must learn to not approach starnage dogs or try to pet dogs through fences.
  5. Ask owners for permission to pet their dog before doing so.

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