Michigan Adult Day Care/Nursing Home Services Provider Directory

Buckfire & Buckfire Best LawyersThe official Michigan No-Fault Resource Center list of adult day care/nursing home service providers in Michigan, courtesy of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

BuckfireLaw.com does not endorse any specific adult daycare/nursing home service providers and these companies are listed on our website at their own request.

It is recommended that accident victims do additional research to find the provider that best suits their individual needs.

There is no fee to get your adult day care service company listed in the Michigan No-Fault Resource Center.

The order of the adult day care/nursing home service provider listings below has no significance and demonstrates no preference:

Name of Business Website City State Phone Number
Blessed Dayz Adult Day Program Inc. http://bit.ly/2eBKeeY Westland MI 734-895-9673
Barss Residential http://www.barssinc.com Gratiot MI 800-646-4618
Blue Water CIL www.bwcil.org Port Huron MI 810-987-9337
Helping Hand Nursing Service Inc. www.hhnsinc.com Grand Blanc MI 810-606-8400
Helping Hand Nursing Service Inc. www.hhnsinc.com Saginaw MI 989-799-0410

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What are Adult Care/Nursing Home Service Providers?

Adult day care/nursing home service providers offer proper care for auto accident victims in a safe, friendly environment.

In general, there are three main types of adult service providers that take care of adults when dealing with social deficiency, need medical treatment, or have a cognitive impairment following an auto accident.

Adult care/nursing home services provide rehabilitative and monitoring services for those with traumatic injury and cognitive deficit.

How Do I Get Listed In The Michigan No-Fault Resource Center?

There are two ways to apply to be listed in the Michigan No-Fault Resource Center:

1. Visit us: http://bit.ly/NoFaultResourceCenter, and fill out the required form.


2. Send an email to: [email protected].

In the subject line, type: "Resource Page Application"

In the message, type the following, using the below format:

Category: Type of provider

Name: Business name

Contact Information: Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, Fax Number, Website

What Is The Deadline For Submitting A Listing?

There is no deadline to submit a listing. However, we will list the providers from top to bottom on the specific category page by the date of the listing request.

The earlier you request a listing, the higher up on the page your company will be listed. 

We have full discretion on whether to list any website.

What Is The Cost To Be Listed In The No-Fault Resource Center?

There is no charge to have your company listed on the website. 

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