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We Are No Longer Accepting Actos Cases

Editor's note: We are no longer accepting Actos cases, effective immediately. We regret that we cannot assist you.

Our Michigan Actos lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. handle cases involving patients, just like you, who suffered injuries or were harmed after taking the prescribed drug Actos. The side effects of this drug can cause serious injury and harm, and in some cases death.  When a patient is injured, it can give rise to a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company and drug manufacturer.  Often times, these drug lawsuits result in significant settlements.

What is Actos?

Actos, a pioglitazone, is a drug prescribed for treatment of diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes.   However, even though it is known to be an effective drug in treating this medical condition, in recent years there have been a number of studies that reported severe side effects that users have been affected by.  In fact, the FDA has approved updated drug labels for Actos, which states that the use of this particular drug for more than one year may be associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer.

Actos Lawsuits For Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is in fact one of the most dangerous side effects of Actos. An individual who is being treated for bladder cancer should stop taking Actos immediately.   Symptoms such as blood or red color in your urine, an increased need to urinate or pain while you urinate are all important symptoms you should look out for when taking Actos.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), patients who used Actos for longer than 12 months were linked with a 40 percent increase in risk of developing bladder cancer.  Experts also predict that as many as 10,000 people will eventually suffer from bladder cancer after taking the prescribed drug.  Patients suffering injuries after taking the prescribed drug do have legal rights and may have a possible lawsuit against the pharmaceutical and drug manufacturer.  In fact, due to Takeda Pharmaceutical’s, the manufacturer of Actos, failure to warn individuals of the defective nature of the drug, they may be held liable for those who have been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Do You Have an Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos, or experience any type of injury or harm, there may be legal ground to pursue a Michigan Actos lawsuit.

There are strict statutes of limitations for filing a dangerous drug lawsuit.  If you miss a deadline your case will be lost forever.  It is important when choosing your lawyer for your bladder cancer case that you choose an attorney that has significant experience in representing patients injured or harmed by a dangerous drug. We work directly with other national law firms to win the best settlement for our clients.

Michigan Actos Lawyer No Fee Promise For Bladder Cancer Patients

We will represent you in your Michigan dangerous drug case under our No Fee Promise.  This means that you will not be charged any legal fees whatsoever unless we obtain a settlement or recovery for you.  You have absolutely no obligation for legal fees unless we win your case. If we do not obtain a settlement for you, you owe us nothing!

Contact Your Experienced Michigan Actos Lawyer

It is important that patients and their physicians are fully aware of the potential association between Actos and bladder cancer, as well as all other side effects.  Call our top rated Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. legal team now at (800) 606-1717 if you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos.

We are accepting Actos cases for individuals who have been diagnosed with bladder cancer while taking Actos or within five years of their Actos usage.