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Mental Retardation From Birth Injuries

Our Michigan birth injury lawyers handle medical malpractice cases that cause mental retardation in infants and children.  Children can develop mental disabilities for a number of reasons.  Some children are born with the condtion and some are the result of a birth injury.  Others can be caused by a brain injury or other traumatic event early in life. 

There are many things that happen during the pregnancy and birthing process that can cause mental retardation.  This can include infections, like sepsis, or asphyxia, which is caused by the baby not receiving enough oxygen at birth.  There are times when these conditions are either preventable or treatable by the hospitals and doctors.  In those circumstances, the child may have a Michigan medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical providers. 

Children with mental disabilities score lower on tests measuring mental ability and intelligence.  They may have a reduced ability to function on their own, handle social situations, and communicate with others.  A child's disability may not be detected immediately, and is often only detected once the child fails to hit certain developmental milestones, such as crawling or walking later than is typical, problems with speech and language skills, and difficult solving basic problems.

Parents and guardians of children with mental disabilities constantly worry about how they will take care of the child, who will pay for the special needs, and what will happen to the child when he or she becomes and adult.  If the child's mental retardation was due to medical malpractice, a lawsuit can be filed to compensate the child and to assist the family in providing the essential needs, including housing and education, of the child.  In such a situation, the parents should consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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