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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Against University of Michigan Hospital – UM Hospital

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit Michigan medical malpractice lawyers recently became more complicated due to a recent court opinion in Michigan.  Victims of medical mistakes and hospital errors must now pursue their claims against U of M Hospital much more quickly than in the past.  This new decision may forever bar the bringing of a meritorious lawsuit based upon a legal technicality.

University of Michigan Hospital Medical Malpractice Case

In a recent case, Ramsay v. Board of Regents of the University of Michigan, (Unpublished Case No. 303794, April 17, 2012), the Michigan Court of Appeals held that the family of a man that died at the University of Michigan from alleged medical malpractice only had six (6) months from the time of his death in which to file a required Notice of Intent against U of M.  

Although other applicable medical malpractice and wrongful death statutes generally provide victims of medical malpractice a much longer period of time in which to file their claims, the Court of Appeals dismissed the family’s lawsuit for their failing to file the Notice of Intent against U of M within six months. 

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It is very important to contact an attorney as soon as you believe you may have a medical malpractice claim against U of M Hospital.  Even a slightly delay in pursuing a case may result in a missed deadline.  When that happens, your claims will be barred forever.

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