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Medical Bills After Michigan Bike Accident

bicycle accident medical bills in michiganOur bicycle accident lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. represent clients who suffer serious injuries while riding their bikes in Michigan.  The injuries suffered in a bicycle accident are often very serious and require extensive medical treatment, surgeries, and hospitalization.   The medical expenses and medical bills related to this treatment can be substantial and overwhelming to the bicycle accident victim.

Michigan Bicycle Accident Medical Expenses

Under Michigan law, the bicyclist is entitled to have all medical expenses paid under the no-fault insurance laws if the injuries arose from an accident with a motor vehicle. The injured biker can receive these benefits even if he or she did not own a car or have a no-fault insurance policy.  The claim can be made against the insurance company for the negligent driver, an auto insurance policy issued to a family member in the same household of the injured biker, or through the Michigan Assigned Claims Facility if there was no other source of insurance.

To have these medical expenses paid by a no-fault insurance company,  it is important that the accident victim file an Application for No-Fault Benefits with the proper insurance company.   Determining the proper insurance company to file the claim against can be a complicated process so our bicycle injury lawyers assist our clients with that process.  This helps to ensure that the claim is timely filed and all medical expenses will be paid by the insurance company.

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