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Michigan Car Accident Medical Bills : No Fault Insurance

Michigan Medical Expenses & Bills Lawsuit LawyersOur Michigan car accident lawyers represent people injured in auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. Under Michigan law, all medical expenses that are reasonable and necessary and related to your Michigan car accident are covered by the no-fault insurance company. These include medical expenses for the hospital, doctor, physical therapy, prescriptions, ambulance, and medical appliances (wheelchairs, crutches, etc.). You are also entitled to payment for your mileage and transportation expenses for your medical appointments.

Is There a Limit on Michigan Auto Accident Related Medical Bills & Expense Benefits?

There is no limit on the amount of money that the no-fault insurance company must pay for accident related medical treatment. The only limitation is that the medical bills must be reasonable and necessary for your care, recovery, and rehabilitation.  The benefits last your entire lifetime and there is no limit to the amount. If your car insurance policy has coordinated medical coverage, your health insurance is responsible for paying your medical bills and the no-fault insurance company will cover your bills that are not covered by your health insurance, including co-pays and deductibles. It is important that you keep close track of your out of pocket expenses.

How Do I Submit My Michigan No-Fault Medical Expenses?

Your medical expenses, bills, and prescription costs must be submitted to the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim. To file your claim for medical expenses, you must have a written medical bill sent to the insurance company. You should make sure that your medical providers send their bills directly to the no-fault insurance adjuster. Many times, the insurance company may also request medical records for the bills.

What is the Time Limit To File A Medical Expense Claim?

Every thirty days you should submit your claim for medical costs benefits. All claims for medical bills, prescription costs, and other expenses benefit claims must be submitted to the insurance company within one year of the date of the service.

What Should I Do if My Medical Expense Claim is Denied?

If your insurance company refuses to pay your medical costs benefits, your only recourse is to file a lawsuit against your insurance company. You must file a lawsuit within one year of the date on which the last unpaid No-Fault benefit was incurred. If you fail to file your lawsuit within this one year period, you will lose the right to have the benefit or expense paid.

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Who is the Best Michigan Medical Expense Claim Lawyer?

The no fault insurance attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. understand issues relating to medical expense claims. This allows us to get the best settlements for our clients. It is important to have an attorney not afraid to fight for you when you have dealt with any medical expense claim issue.

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For more information about your rights regarding Michigan No-Fault medical expenses benefits call us now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our Michigan No-Fault insurance lawyers about your case or simply submit the Get Help Now box on this page and we will be in contact with you shortly. We operate every case under a strict No Fee Promise, which means you will not be responsible for any court fees or costs whatsoever. There is absolutely nothing to lose when you speak with one of our award winning attorneys. Remember, however, that there are specific time deadlines that must be met in order to file a Michigan No-Fault insurance lawsuit, so it is important that you contact an attorney right away. If you miss the deadline for your case, your claim could be lost forever.

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michigan no fault insurance attorney"I am a quadriplegic as a result of a car accident and my insurance company denied me a portion of my insurance benefits. I contacted Daniel and he was able to get those benefits paid quickly for me. Daniel is a very caring and compassionate person. Even though he doesn't really know me he treated me as if I was one of his family and made me feel very comfortable. I knew from the first time that we spoke that he would give his all to resolve the situation with little regard for his personal benefit. I had all but given up when a friend recommended me to Mr. Buckfire and he was more than willing to go to work to get me when I rightly deserved. Alot in my life had been ripped away as a result of the car accident but Daniel was there to help me restore as much as possible. He even made sure that I was completely satisfied with the results."
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