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Who Pays Medical Bills After A Michigan Car Accident?

michigan medical bills paid forOur Michigan car accident lawyers represent individuals injured in automobile accidents throughout the State of Michigan. This includes claims for both personal injuries against a negligent driver and for Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits against automobile insurance company responsible for paying medical bills.

Can Medical Bills Be Paid For A Michigan Car Accident?

If you are injured in a Michigan car accident, there are several different Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits you are entitled to receive after suffering injuries in an accident. One of these benefits includes medical bills, prescription costs, and expenses.

What Type of Medical Bills Can Be Paid After A Michigan Car Accident?

All medical bills that are reasonable and necessary and related to your car accident are covered by the no fault insurance company. These medical bills include but are not limited to hospital bills, doctor bills, physical therapy bills, prescriptions, ambulance bills, medical appliances such as a wheelchair, walker, back brace, etc... and transportation expenses for your medical appointment.

How Much of Medical Bills Can Be Paid For A Michigan Car Accident?

There is no limit on the amount of money that the no-fault insurance company must pay for accident related medical treatment. The only limitation is that the medical bills must be reasonable and necessary for your care, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Submitting Your Medical Bills Expense Claim

Your Michigan medical Bills, prescription costs, & other expenses benefit claim must be submitted to the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim. To file your no-fault medical cost claim, you need to have a written medical bill sent to the insurance company. Many times, the insurance company may also request medical records for the bills.

What To Do If Payment Of Medical Bills For Michigan Car Accident Is Denied

If your insurance company refuses to pay your medical costs benefits, your only recourse is to file a lawsuit against your insurance company.

If you choose to begin a lawsuit against your insurance company for No-Fault benefits, you must file a lawsuit within one year of the date on which the last unpaid No-Fault benefit was incurred.

If you fail to file your lawsuit within this one year period, you will lose the right to have the benefit or expense paid.

Get Your Medical Bills Paid For Michigan Car Accident

If you suffer injuries due to a Michigan car accident, you should contact a lawyer immediately to review your car insurance policy and see what type of medical coverage you purchased in your police.

For more information about your rights regarding Michigan No-Fault medical expenses benefits call us now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our Michigan No-Fault Insurance Lawyers about your case or simply submit this contact form and we will get back to you quickly.

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