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Michigan Listeria Lawyer: Lawsuits for Listeria

Michigan listeria food poisoning lawyerOur Michigan food poisoning lawyers represent clients who suffer Listeria from food poisoning. Listeria is a serious type of food poisoning that can result in significant injury and even death.  The source of Listeriosis is often in fruits and vegetables.

A person becomes sickened with listeriosis by eating food contaminated with Listeria. Pregnant woman who consume contaminated food during pregnancy are at a high risk of serious complications from the infection.  Complications to a pregnant woman with Listeria can include premature delivery, a miscarriage or stillborn, and even an infection to the newborn.

Consumers in the United States will often see news reports and recalls of food products either confirmed to have Listeria or being investigated for Listeria due to an outbreak. These products often include bagged salads, fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. You should pay special attention to these recalls, especially those in your state, to make sure that you are not consuming these foods or giving them to your children.

Listeria Diagnosis & Treatment

Early diagnosis of Listeria by a doctor or hospital is essential to achieving a good medical outcome.  An untreated infection or a substantial delay in the treatment of Listeria can have catastrophic results.  Symptoms often include fever, chills, vomiting, and a severe headache.  Many times this is diagnosed as the flu, or influenza, rather than Listeria.  It is essential that a full and complete history is taken from the patient to determine if food poisoning was the cause of this condition.  If timely diagnosed, many times the treatment consists of oral antibiotics or intravenous antibiotics in severe conditions.

Anyone infected with Listeria due to tainted food should contact our Michigan food poisoning lawyers immediately to investigate your case.   We will perform a detailed investigation as to the cause of your infection and determine whether you have the legal right to pursue a lawsuit against the grower, maker, distributor, or seller of the product that caused your condition.  We will represent you under our No Fee Promise, which means there are no legal fees or costs unless we obtain a settlement for you.

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