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Lawyer To Sue Homeowner For Dog Bite Injury In Michigan – MI Dog Bite Attorney

Our Michigan dog bite lawyers represent victims of dog attacks and bites throughout the entire State of Michigan.  The injuries from these attacks are often severe and permanent.   Victims of these attacks have the legal right to be compensated for their injuries, but know who to sue for the damages is a job for an experienced attorney for dog bite cases.

The primary person to sue for a dog bite injury in Michigan is the owner of the dog.  In addition to the dog owner, a person who “keeps or harbors” the dog can also be held legally responsible for the dog bite injuries.  Sometimes, these individuals are different people.  For example, if the dog owner is a college student and resides at his parents’ home during the summer months, the parents are considered to be the person who keep and harbor the dog.  As such, they are also liable for damages caused by the dog attack.

Most often, it is the homeowner who owns the dog and is legally liable for the injuries caused by the dog bite.  Dog bites cause severe injuries, including broken bones, facial scars, and nerve damage, and can require significant medical care.  When the dog owner is also a homeowner, it is typically the insurance company for the homeowner that pays the settlement and the medical expenses.    If a dog bite case cannot be settled before the filing of a lawsuit, the homeowner’s insurance company hires and pays for the legal defense of the dog owner.

When filing a dog bite lawsuit in Michigan, the lawyer handling the case must include all potentially liable parties in the lawsuit.  It is essential that the attorney you choose to handle your case has extensive knowledge of the dog bite laws in Michigan and significant experience in handling dog bite lawsuits.  Without this type of background, potential claims can be missed and the victim may go uncompensated.

Our Michigan dog bite lawyers have obtained significant settlements for victims of these attacks.  We use our knowledge and experience to obtain the maximum settlements for our clients.  In cases involving children with scars, we are able to project future damages through the use of highly credentialed expert witnesses, including plastic surgeons and child psychologists.  Very few law firms in Michigan properly pursue these cases and the lawyer that you choose for your case can be the difference between a fair settlement and no settlement at all.

Contact us today at (800) 606-1717 to learn more about your legal rights after a dog bite attack in Michigan.  We will answer all of your questions and analyze your case for free and with absolutely no obligation whatsoever.  We will also explain the time deadlines that will destroy your case if you wait too long before pursuing your case.