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Laminectomy Surgery

Our Michigan injury and accident lawyers frequently represent clients who have suffered serious injuries to their lower back, like herniated and ruptured discs.   These injuries often arise from car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other types of direct trauma to the back.  Injuries that do not resolve through conservative treatment, like physical therapy, often require surgery.  One type of surgery is called a Laminectomy.

A laminectomy is a surgical procedure performed on the spine to remove herniated discs or bone spurs that put pressure on a spinal nerve. This procedure is design to alleviate pain caused by neural impingement (pinched nerves) that a person has.  Surgeons make a two or three ­inch incision in the middle of your back or neck. The surgeon removes the spinous process (the bones you can feel when you touch the middle of your back) and then removes the lamina. The lamina is the portion of your vertebra that covers the nerve roots and spinal cord.  Removing the damages lamina opens up the spinal canal relieving pressure on the nerve roots.  If there continues to be impingement on the nerves, the surgeon may remove additional bone or fragments.

Recovery from the surgery is not simple and depending on the nature of the procedure (how invasive it was) will impact the length and extent of recovery. While, your body is able to heal the involved muscle, nerve, and bone tissues; full recovery, if possible, also depends on the patient  having a  positive attitude, setting  the appropriate goals for improvement, and working steadily to accomplish each goal.  Removal of substantial amounts of bone and tissue may require additional procedures to stabilize the spine, such as fusion procedures, and spinal fusion surgery generally requires a much longer recovery period than simple laminectomy.

If you suffered a back injury in an accident, you may have a legal claim against a negligent person or business to compensate you for your injuries.  If you had surgery and your condition has improved, you may still have a claim for your pain and suffering and disability caused by accident.  You may also be limited in future actitivies, even after surgery, and you are entitled to compensation for this also.

To learn more about your legal rights if you have suffered a back injury in an accident, call our office now or submit this contact formWe will carefully explain your legal rights to you and discuss your legal options to pursue a claim.