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Your Rights If You Are Injured At A Michigan Apartment Building

Our Michigan personal injury lawyers represent clients who are injured in an apartment building or on apartment building grounds.  This includes both tenants of the building and guests of tenants visiting the building.  We also represent people injured while visiting the apartment building for business purposes or to perform their work, like utility workers, postal workers, and contractors.

Under Michigan, the apartment building has the legal duty to make the premises safe for tenants of the building and others who are lawfully on the premises.  There is also a statutory duty to keep the building and premises safe for tenants who live in the building.  The failure to provide a safe building can give rise to a lawsuit if a person is injured on the property.

Our lawyers handle a number of different types of lawsuits related to injuries that occur at apartment buildings.  These include:
There are other types of injuries that occur at apartment buildings that can also give rise to a lawsuit.  It is important that the injured person report the incident to the apartment complex management as soon as possible after injury and to prepare an accident report.  This will document that the incident did in fact happen and will often prompt an investigation into the accident.  It is also helpful if the injured person or someone else photograph the defect or condition that caused the injury.  This will provide excellent evidence in support of the case and is best if done shortly after the incident and before repairs are made to the building or premises.

Our apartment building injury attorneys have obtained significant settlements and judgments for clients injured due to a defect or hazard at an apartment building.  To find out if you have a case and are entitled to a settlement, contact our office today.  The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can begin our investigation of your case.