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Improper & Oversized Loads Causing Truck Accidents

Michigan Improper Truck Loading AccidentsMichigan truck accident lawyers must determine all of the potential causes of a truck accident. One common cause is the improper loading of the truck. An improper truck load is typically one which the load is too heavy for the truck and trailer or one in which the loading is not properly balanced. These both affect the truck driver's ability to stop and control the truck, exspecially when it comes to applying the vehicle braking system.

Overloaded or improperly loaded trucks are at greater risk for truck rollovers, because unstable trucks do not handle turns or lane changes as well. A truck that turns too quickly is more likely to rollover if they truck is improperly weighted towards the direction of the turn.

Investigating Improper Truck Loading Accidents

There are federal and state trucking regulations that specify truck load weights and provide requirements for the proper loading of trucks. A complete and thorough investigation of the vehicle log, cargo weight, and other specifications is necessary to prove the causes for the accident. Many times, it is the truck load along with driver fatigue and other factors that cause the accident.

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