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Find The Best Michigan Car Accident Lawyers

How To Find The Best Michigan Car Accident Lawyers

A lot of lawyers advertise themselves as the being "the best" Michigan lawyers for car accident cases, but accident victims should not rely on this self-serving promotion alone.  Anyone injured in an auto should also not call the lawyers who simply spend millions of dollars on television running flashy commercials or auto accident attorneys who buy up those expensive telephone book ads.  Some of those lawyers may be very good for Michigan car accident cases, but trusting a lawyer who plasters his face on a billboard without getting more information is a huge mistake.  You need to do a little more research before you choose the Michigan car accident lawyer for your case.

Tips To Find The Best Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

There are several ways to find the best Michigan car accident lawyer for your case.  These include:

  • Review the ratings from the top lawyer rating services
  • Determine the number of years of experience of the lawyer
  • Investigate the lawyer's history of successful jury verdicts
  • Investigate the lawyer's track record of successful settlements
  • Read real testimonials from past clients and other lawyers

Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

You need to feel comfortable with the auto accident lawyer that you choose for your case.  Your case can take several years to complete and may no fault insurance claims can last a lifetime.  Therefore, you should not hesitate to ask these important questions from the car accident lawyer:

  • What experience do you have in handling serious car accident cases?
  • Have you ever written a book on Michigan car accident cases?
  • Have you ever been invited to speak to other lawyers on Michigan car accident laws?
  • What type of legal team will be assigned to my Michigan car accident case?
  • Have you even been invited to speak to medical professional on Michigan car accident laws?
  • Do you have a website with important information and free insurance forms for Michigan car accident victims?
  • What kind of settlements and jury verdicts have you won for Michigan car accident victims?

If you speak to a lawyer who  cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction or does not want to take the time to be interviewed by you, then the best suggestion would be to pass on that lawyer and find one that will take the time to give you direct answers to these questions.

Free Advice From Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

Our Michigan car accident lawyers will take the time to answer all of these questions for you and all others that you might have about your case or hiring the best car accident lawyer for your case.  It is important that both the lawyer and the client are perfectly comfortable with each other or quite simply, the relationship will not work well.  By answering your questions, we become more familiar with you and your personality and this helps us work better together on your case.

For the best free advice after your Michigan car accident, contact the lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.   You will speak to an experienced auto accident attorney who will listen to your concerns and give you absolutely free, no obligation advice on how to file your claims.  You owe it to yourself to educate yourself and learn as much as possible about your legal rights after the car accident.

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