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How Much Is My Michigan Car Accident Case Worth?

Our Michigan car accident lawyers represent victims of auto accidents throughout the entire State of Michigan.  An innocent person injured in a car accident is entitled to receive compensation for injuries suffered in the accident under many circumstances.  The amount of the settlement depends on a number of factors and these factors vary on a case by case basis.

 So, how much is your Michigan car accident case worth?  Well, let’s examine the factors that determine how much money would be a fair settlement in your case.  Important factors to determine the settlement value of your case include:

 Where was the location of the accident?  Believe it or not, the city or county that the accident occurred in is a major factor in determining a fair settlement value.  Many areas of the state are considered to be “conservative” when handing out jury awards so insurance companies are often willing to pay less for settlements in those places.

 What were your injuries in the accident?  This is obviously a huge factor in determining how much your case is worth.  The more serious the injuries and the longer you undergo medical treatment, the more likelihood that you will receive a higher settlement.

 Are you accident related injuries permanent?  If so, there may be a claim for excess loss of earnings and household service payments beyond the three year period that benefits must be paid under the Michigan No-Fault Insurance laws.  These dollar amounts can substantially increase the settlement.

 How much insurance coverage is there for the case?  This is also an important factor in how much your case is worth.  If you have “million dollar injuries” but the other driver only has $50,000 in liability coverage, it is likely that your settlement will be for the insurance policy limits.  If the injured person has underinsurance coverage, the settlement amount may be higher.

 Who is the lawyer handling your case?  Clearly, the accident lawyer that you choose is often the difference between receiving a substantial settlement or no settlement at all.  You need to hire a top rated and experienced Michigan accident attorney to handle your case.

 To find out what your case is worth, call our Michigan car accident lawyers today at (800) 606-1717 or complete the Free Case Evaluation Form . We will review your case factors with you and give you our opinion as to how much money would be a fair settlement in your case.