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Hospital Fall Injury Prove Very Costly

Our Michigan personal injury lawyers specialize in medical injury cases arising from patient falls from hospital bed.  Many Michigan hospital beds are now equipped with bed alarms to prevent these falls, but research shows that falls haven’t decreased.  Elderly patients are considered at risk, due to their forgetfulness and lack of coherence due to medication.  On average, 25% of hospital falls result in injury.

The Cost of Falling

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accidental falls are the leading cause of injury and death in the elderly.  Michigan hospitals take numerous measures to make sure at risk patients stay safe, but falls are still happening.  These falls tend to be costly too.  An additional $4,000, on average, is added to the medical bills as a result of inpatient falls.  Increased hospital stay caused additional treatment, which result in higher medical bills.  Medical bills for patients who have suffered from a fall in a hospital are on an average 60% higher than patients who haven’t suffered from a fall.

Protecting your Loved One

Patients who tend to wander outside their room or get up off their bed are usually provided with a bed alarm during their hospital stay.  The bed alarm is provided to warn the medical staff when patients leave or attempt to leave their beds. If patients are medicated, disoriented, and/or confused, getting off their bed without the help of a nurse, doctor, or caregiver can be very dangerous. The notification that the bed alarm is supposed to provide doesn’t always alert the proper people for help.  The lack of help from a medical staff can result in a serious injury.  About 2% of hospital falls result in medical complications and longer hospital stay.

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