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Hospital Errors Causing Injury and Death

Michigan Hospital Error Medical Malpractice Lawyer

According to a new study conducted by the “Journal of Patient Safety,” medical errors now claim the spot as the third leading cause of death in the United States, dwarfing auto accidents, diabetes and everything else besides Cancer and heart disease. Our Michigan hospital error lawyers handle medical malpractice cases against hospitals and their staff members for medical errors involving patients. When a patient is injured or dies due to negligence in a hospital, it gives rise to a lawsuit against that facility and its staff.

When a doctor or nurse performs a hospital error in their medical care of the patient, the hospital may be liable for injuries caused by the medical mistake. If a patient dies due to hospital error, the family members of the deceased may have means for a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit.

In another study found in the “Journal of the American Medical Association,” employers were paid $39,000.00 extra every time a patient suffered a surgical site infection. Instead of rewarding a hospital for creating an infection they should be held accountable for their actions.

Hospital Medical Malpractice Errors 

If you are unsure what might qualify as a hospital error our malpractice lawyers have provided a list of some of the most common types of mistakes that may give rise to a medical malpractice claim. These include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Unnecessary treatment
  • Unnecessary tests and procedures
  • Medication mistakes
  • Never events (i.e. medical equipment left, food tube and chest tube confusion)
  • Uncoordinated care
  • Infection
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Missed warning signs
  • Early discharge

If you or someone you know suffers serious injuries in a hospital or other medical facility you should speak to an experienced attorney about your rights. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is extremely important because it will help make the hospital more aware of the things that are going on in their facility and help prevent future medical errors by making safety a priority.

Do You Have a Michigan Hospital Error Lawsuit?

A poor outcome or unsatisfactory result during a hospitalization or procedure does not necessarily mean that there was medical malpractice or hospital error by the medical provider. Many procedures have inherent risks and many illnesses have poor outcomes even with the best medical attention. We perform a detailed analysis of your treatment to determine whether you have been the victim of a hospital error. Our experienced attorneys will discuss your case with you, review your medical records, and advise you whether you have a legitimate claim for hospital negligence.

Compensation In Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical malpractice lawsuit settlements include compensation paid for both economic and non-economic losses. Non-economic claims include payment for the pain and suffering caused by the medical negligence.

Medical negligence lawsuits that involve the death of the patient, further non-economic damages can be sought. These include compensation for loss of emotional support, comfort, companionship, society, moral support, and consortium. In the case of death, we will pursue a wrongful death lawsuit on your family's behalf.

Compensation is also owed to the family for ecomonic losses caused by the medical negligence. These include loss of earnings, loss of financial support and loss of work benefits (health insurance, pension). These claims all will contribute to the final settlement amount of the lawsuit.

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We do not charge any legal fees unless we are able to get you a settlement. We also pay all case costs and expenses. If you case is unsuccessful for any reason whatsoever, you will owe us nothing. We put that in writing for you.

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