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Hospital Accident Falls in Michigan – MI Hospital Injury Lawyer

Our Michigan medical negligence lawyers often pursue cases on behalf of patients who suffer accidents and injuries in Michigan hospitals.  Most of these injuries are preventable with proper safety precautions and patient care plans.  Hospital accidents often lead to serious injuries, like fractured hips, burn injuries, and even death.

Types of Michigan Hospital Accidents

Patients often suffer serious injuries in Michigan hospital accidents from events unrelated to the medical treatment or the reason for the hospitalization.  These are injuries that occur that are outside of the normal risks of the medical treatment itself.  Some common types of hospital accidents include:

  • Falls from the hospital bed
  • Falls from tables during radiology studies
  • Falls from the toilet or in the bathroom
  • Falls during transfers from the wheelchair
  • Falls in showers or bathtubs
  • Trip and fall accidents over cords and other obstacles
  • Burn injuries from coffee, tea or other liquids
  • Burn injuries from scalding water
  • Stepping on syringe needles and other objects
  • Other types of accidental injuries

Legal Rights of Patients Injured in a Hospital Accident

Hospitals have a legal duty to prevent accidents and injuries to patients.  When a hospital patient suffers an accidental injury, the patient and the family can pursue a hospital negligence case on behalf of the patient.  This will not only help compensate the patient for the injuries or the family, but will help prevent other similar incidents from occurring at the facility at a later date.

Our Michigan hospital injury lawyers will obtain all of the medical records and incident reports to determine if the accident was the fault of the hospital and if it could have been prevented.  If our investigation determines that the hospital was negligent, we will make a claim on behalf of the patient.  The claim will seek compensation for pain and suffering damages, medical bills, and all other damages allowable under Michigan law.

Contact a Michigan Hospital Accident  Lawyer

Our experienced Michigan hospital accident lawyers handle cases involving patients who suffer accidents and injuries due to negligent hospital care. Families of a patient who suffered an accident or injury in a hospital should contact the Michigan medical malpractice firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Call us now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our experienced attorneys about your case.