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Hip Fractures From Falls Major Problem In Nursing Homes

Our nursing home attorneys handle cases for residents at skilled nursing care facilities and assisted living facilities who suffer hip fractures from falls at the facility.   Falls are often due to the negligent care and supervision of the resident by the nursing home staff.   These falls can lead to very serious injuries, including a fractured hip, and even death.

The fastest growing segment of the United States population is that over age 65 groups, which will equal about 20% of the total population by 2025.  The future life expectance of a sixty-five year old person in the United States who is 18.9 years and person now at seventy-five is expected to live another eleven years.    Our aging population has increased the number residents in nursing homes and this is expected to continue to rise over the next fifty years.

When a family makes the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, it is often with both great reluctance and caution.   After all, we trust the nursing home staff to properly care for and supervise our elderly family member.  Unfortunately, this trust is often betrayed and proper care and attention is not given to the resident.

Nursing home falls are often caused by the failure to properly supervise and monitor a resident who is determined to be a fall risk based upon a number of criteria.   Residents who fall are very vulnerable and unfortunately suffer serious injuries, and even death.  Hip fractures are the second leading cause for hospitalization in older patients

The outcome from a hip fracture in an elderly patient can be devastating.  There are numerous risks to any surgery, but surgery for a broken hip can be lengthy and difficult for the surgeon.  A successful surgery even leads to a long and painful road to recovery.  Residents are usually weak after a surgery and their immune systems have a difficult time fighting off illness.  It is not unusual to see an otherwise able bodied resident suffer a fractured hip and then take a major downturn in health and never recover.

When a resident suffers a hip fracture from a fall in a nursing home, the family should have an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer review the patient to chart to determine whether this was a preventable incident.   Most times, this type of fall should never occur if there was a proper assessment, appropriate care plan, and proper supervision.   When a fall is due to neglect, a nursing home lawsuit is a remedy to seek justice for the resident.  These lawsuits also serve to prevent a fall injury happening to another resident.