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Heel Ulcers and Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits

Michigan Nursing Home Ulcer Neglect LawyersHeel pressure ulcers affect 19% to 32% of the population. Similar to pressure sores that affect other parts of the body, heel ulcer management can also be costly. Statistics suggest that the cost of managing one heel ulcer can cost up to $36,000.

Heel ulcers arise just as pressure ulcers, from prolonged immobility after surgery or for residents who are in extended care facilities. Sometimes they arise from neglect. According to a Mayo Clinic Department report, 17,000 lawsuits related to pressure sores are filed annually and individual rewards have been as high as 4 million dollars.

Studies have shown the heel ulcers in particular are preventable. Certain apparatus can be worn to greatly reduce the occurrence of heel ulcers. For example, in a study done on hip fracture patients, 70 percent of those who only received nursing care developed ulcers when compared to zero who wore a suspension boot during recovery.

Heel Ulcer Prevention

High risk patients should be fitted with a heel pressure relief apparatus to reduce the probability they will develop a bed sore. These patients include those with diabetes, poor mobility, reduced or no knee or foot pulses, or patients with a past history of pressure ulcers.

Prevention is the most common method to deter the formation of pressure sores. Nursing homes can provide additional services to reduce the prevalence of heel ulcers. These services might include checking the heels of residents, removing pressure devices to allow heels to cool and dry as to prevent moisture buildup, and palpating the heels of patients.

Unfortunately, these types of services may not be feasible if the nursing home staff is reduced in size, short on time, or financially inhibited. Employees may not take the time to check the heels of individual patients, even if they are high risk.  However, due to the nature and cost of heel ulcers, nursing home administration should keep in mind that measures should be taken so that high risk patients are not neglected.

Legal Rights After A Michigan Nursing Home Abuse Injury

Patients and their families can file civil lawsuits seeking money compensation for the injuries suffered due to nursing home neglect and abuse. In situations in which a patient dies due to the negligence of the facility, the family can file a Michigan wrongful death claim for the loss of their loved one.

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