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Michigan Brain Injury Assessment: The Glasgow Coma Scale

glascow coma scale When an individual suffers a traumatic brain injury, it is important to assess the amount of damage that has been done so our attorneys have a better understanding of the situation. To do this, doctors and physicians use a scoring system known as the Glasgow Coma Scale, which measures the level of conciousness in a person based on a variety of different responses. This tool has proven to be a reliable way for medical professionals to instantly gain and understanding of what type of brain injury they may be dealing with. This is also an effective tool for our attorneys to understand better the level of trauma that has occurred.

Glasgow Coma Scale Factors

The Glasgow Coma Scale measures three factors and scores them accordingly based on the level of response.


Eye Opening Response

Spontaneous 4
To voice 3
To pain 2
No response 1






Verbal Response

Oriented to time, place, and person 5
Confused, disoriented conversation 4
Incoherent words 3
No words, only sounds 2
No response 1







Motor Response

Normal 6
Localized to pain 5
Withdraws to pain 4
Decorticate posture 3
Decerebrate posture 2
No response 1







Using The Glasgow Coma Scale: Assessing The Score

Medical professionals use the aggregate scores of this test to assess the level of damage to a person's brain. By adding the 3 scores, the injury can be classified.

  • Severe Brain Injury: GCS 3-8
  • Moderate Brain Injury: GCS 9-12
  • Mild Brain Injury: GCS 13-15

It is important to note that the Glasgow Coma Scale is used for adults who suffer brain injuries. For children, a modified version of the GCS is used.

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