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In Case of A Car Accident: Download the Free Accident Lawyer App on Your Android Today!

Being in a car accident is a frightening experience.  It is important that accident victims know exactly what to do immediately after an accident.  

At the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, we understand the seriousness of protecting yourself after an accident takes place. To ensure others are well prepared, our Michigan car accident lawyers released a new Accident Lawyer App for your Android!  The Accident Lawyer App is completely FREE and includes many features that are helpful at the scene of the accident. This FREE Accident Lawyer App is the very first mobile app created by a Michigan law firm for accident and injury victims.

Features of the Free Accident Lawyer App

  •  Emergency Accident Center
  • Accident checklist - Step by step guide to help you after an accident
  • One Touch Access to call the Police or to locate the nearest Emergency Center
  • Easy Access to call a Tow Truck or Taxi Cab for the times you may need a safe ride home
  • Built-in Flashlight function to provide visibility in dark glove compartments
  • Accident Form to report when you have been involved in an accident
  • Ability to capture photos at the scene of the incident and submit in the Accident Form
  • *Audio recording from the device to capture sound right at the scene of the accident to send with your form
  • Quick links to receive your Accident Report or view No-Fault Insurance Benefits
  • View Social Media feeds right in your App
  • Plenty of helpful resources that will keep you will-informed on different types of injuries and accidents
  • Contact and Location information to a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases

*Audio recording requires a device with a microphone, or a headset with a built-in microphone.

What is the Accident Lawyer App for the Android?

Buckfire & Buckfire's Accident Lawyer App is a free app available to all Android mobile owners.Android App The free Accident Lawyer App provides you with important contacts, such as 911, tow truck, and taxi cab locations and numbers and information about your rights in the event that you or a family member are involved in an accident. The Accident Lawyer App also includes vital tools that will ensure you capture all information needed at the scene of the accident, such as insurance information, accident reports, witness statements, and photographs of the vehicle damage. The Accident Lawyer App is a way to provide means for Michigan drivers to know that they are well prepared in case of an accident and knowledgeable of their rights.

Who can use the Accident Lawyer App?

The Accident Lawyer App is a FREE app for anyone with an Android.

How to Download the Accident Lawyer App FREE on Android?

To download the free app just go to Android Market and search for "Michigan Accident Lawyers" or visit or scan this QR Code from your Android.

Free Michigan Car Accident Lawyer Android App QR Code

Is the Application Available for the iPhone and iPad?

Yes. The Accident Lawyer App is also available to all iPhone and iPad users as well. The app is completely free and shares all of the same features. To download the iPhone or iPad app just go to iTunes or the App Store and search for "Michigan Accident Lawyers."