5 Things About Bariatric Surgery at Forest Health Medical Center

Thinking about having bariatric surgery at Forest Health Medical Center? 

Here are five things that you should know.

1.    The Barix Clinic at Forest Health does not have an emergency department like a regular hospital.  There are no emergency room physicians available to treat an emergent medical condition after hours.  Patients with emergency medical complications would have to be rushed by ambulance to another local Ann Arbor area hospital.

2.     The Barix Clinic does not have a CT Scan to check for post-operative complications, like a bowel obstruction or post-surgical leak.  The patient will have to be taken to another facility for this type of study.

3.    Read the fine print in the papers you sign before your operation.  The print may say that the surgeons are not employed by Forest Health Medical Center and are independent contractors.  The facility may try to avoid liability in the event of a bad outcome by claiming that it did not employ the doctors or surgeons who worked there and treated the patient.  Your paperwork may be different but you will want to read it carefully.

4.    There may not be physicians or surgeons at the facility after hours to see patients.  Most hospitals have medical residents and interns to round on patients during the night and to report to the attending surgeon if there are any complications or concerns.

5.  The facility has an after hour hotline to call with any problems, but your call may not be returned by the surgeon who did your surgery.  You may be called by a doctor who has never seen or even heard of you before the phone call.

As Michigan medical malpractice lawyer, I have become familiar with a number of bariatric surgery centers in the area and throughout the State of Michigan.  Several lawsuits have been filed against Forest Health Medical Center by patients and their families for medical negligence by the doctors and medical staff.  While there are many satisfied patients from this center, you should research the surgical center beforehand so you have a full understanding of the limitations of the facility and the relationship of the surgeons.  You should do this with any clinic, doctor, surgical center, or hospital.

Most major Michigan hospitals have their own bariatric centers, like the University of Michigan and William Beaumont Hospital.  If you are concerned about undergoing a major surgery at a surgical center instead of a major hospital, you may want to check out those bariatric programs as well.

The bottom line is that you need to research your surgeon and facility before undergoing weight loss surgery.  You may feel comfortable with Barix at Forest Health in Michigan after doing your due diligence, but don’t be afraid to ask the important questions.  Your life and future health depend on it.

Lawrence J. Buckfire
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