Ford Packard Plant Reclaimed Wood Furniture : A Piece of History in Michigan Law Office

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C., has ties to the City of Detroit since its origin in 1969.  Firm founders David Buckfire and Vicky Buckfire grew up in Detroit and attended law schools in the city.  Lawrence J. Buckfire, firm president and lead trial attorney, was raised in the Detroit area and attended the Wayne State University School of Law in the city.   Other lawyers in the firm grew up in the area and have an affinity for the city and its rich history.

When designing the firm’s Ann Arbor office, Lawrence wanted to infuse a piece of Detroit history into the office design.  He also wanted eco-friendly furniture.  During his search, he discovered Dave Hudson, a highly skilled local artisan and furniture maker in the area.  Dave creates one of a kind furniture pieces from reclaimed wood found in old building and houses, primarily from the City of Detroit.

Dave had the perfect solution to Lawrence’s quest to have a unique piece of Detroit history in the Ann Arbor office.  He created a one of a kind desk and table from reclaimed wood harvested from the famous Ford Packard Plant.  The furniture was hand constructed from the reclaimed wood and steel by Dave at his Ferndale, Michigan studio and personally delivered by him to the Ann Arbor office.Reclaimed Wood Desk








The factory located along East Grand Boulevard in the City of Detroit, was designed by Albert Kahn and built in 1903.  Luxury vehicles, military aircraft, and marine engines were built at the plant for more than five decades at the same location.  The last vehicle was built at the Packard Plant in 1954 and the building has been the center of bad politics and business ever since.

The now dilapidated factory still stands but is expected to be demolished in the near future, putting an end to another important piece of Detroit and American history.  Fortunately for the law firm and others, pieces of the great automotive history have been preserved. “I feel like I am working on an important piece of history every time I sit down at my desk.  It is tough, sturdy, and reliable, just like the factory workers during the first part of the century,” said Lawrence.  “It’s a great feeling to know that part of this rich history has been preserved and will be used for many years to come.”

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