Flint Water Crisis Timeline Infographic

FLINT, Mich. -- The water crisis in Flint, Mich. has gained international attention the last several months. 

The saga has been extensively covered by television reporters, journalists and investigators. Details of the sentinel events have been documented from the beginning of the water problem until now.  The saga continues and there's no finish line in sight.

The Flint water crisis is the result of failed policy, bad choices and indifference by politicians and other state officials. The result has been catastrophic to the community. 

Health officials have documented increased blood lead levels in children, an increase in numbers of reported Legionnaire’s disease cases and other serious health problems attributed to the toxins in the water.

In addition to the health problems, property owners and businesses have suffered economic losses -- including a diminution in property values and lost profits.  The costs associated with these damages are significant and there are no apparent short-term solutions.

Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Timeline Infographic


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To better understand the events of this crisis, our award-winning Michigan law firm has created the Flint Water Crisis Timeline Infographic. The timeline depicts the major events in chronological order, beginning from the change in the water supply until Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s appearance before a congressional committee. 

The graphic will be updated as events continue.

Please share this infographic with friends, family and colleagues.  It is also a great teaching tool for students studying government, biology, and environmental health. Teachers are encouraged to use this infographic for all purposes and are welcome to print it for students or use it in presentations and with other teaching materials.

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