Fire Injury Lawsuits

Michigan fire injury lawyers file claims for clients who suffered burn injuries from house and building fires.  Understanding the causes of these fires and the theories of negligence are vital to obtaining the best possible result for the client.

Home fires can occur for a variety of reasons. The most common are: Cooking Equipment Fire (such as Gas Stoves, Crock Pots, Griddles), Heating Equipment Fire (such as space heaters, furnace disrepair) Intentional Fire,  Electrical distribution or lighting equipment (improper or exposed electrical wires in the wall), Exposure to other fire, or faulty clothes dryer or washer.

Fire in the home could be due to a defect by the manufacturer or from lack of repair or proper maintenance. Damages from home fires include damage to property, personal property, possible burns and physical injuries from smoke inhalation and in some cases wrongful death, which gives rise to a Michigan Wrongful Death Case.

Michigan fire accident and Michigan fire injury cases also frequently handle cases for children with burn injuries.  Children playing with fire cause hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries each year. Preschoolers are most likely to start these fires, typically by playing with matches and lighters. Most of the people killed in child-playing fires are under 5, and such fires are the leading cause of fire deaths among preschoolers. Just over half of child playing fires in the home start in a bedroom.

    • ·     Common theories for filing claims for fire and burn injuries include:
    • ·              Improper wiring or failing to repair defect wires
    • ·              Failure to have working smoke detectors
    • ·               Defective heaters
    • ·               Defective household appliances
    • ·                 Failure to properly supervise a child

Michigan fire injury lawyers understand that burn survivors may endure physical and emotional trauma, an injury that leaves one in pain, disfigurement, organ damage, body chemistry damage, and/or sensitivity to temperature change  If you or a family member have sustained a serious burn injury, you shouldcontact our fire injury lawyers to determine whether a Michigan Fire Injury claim should be pursued.