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Filing a Michigan Nursing Home Bed Sore Lawsuit

Our nursing home lawyers have significant experience when it comes to filing a Michigan nursing home bed sore lawsuit on behalf of an injured patient or resident and their family.  Many times, we are able to settle a claim before every filing a lawsuit, but on other occasions the best way to achieve the maximum settlement is file a lawsuit at the courthouse.

Before We File A Michigan Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

There are several important things that our lawyers do before we ever file a nursing home bed sore lawsuit.  First, we fully investigate the case to prove that the bed sores arose on the patient due to the fact that the Michigan nursing home was negligent or neglected the patient.  We will gather all pertinent medical records involved in the resident’s care, as well as any investigation reports by a responsible public health agency.  These reports often assist us in identifying the specific acts of abuse, neglect, or negligence that caused the bed sore.

Once all records and reports are received and reviewed and we have conducted an interview, we will tell you if it looks as though there is a provable case against the nursing home for failure to properly provide patient care to resident.  If you do have a nursing home neglect bed sore case, we then serve the nursing home facility with a Notice of Intent To File Suit.  If the nursing home physician was also negligent, this notice must also be served upon that doctor.  The nursing home then has six months to reply to the notice and offer a settlement, which is a rare occurrence.

Process To File A Michigan Nursing Home Bed Sore Lawsuit

After the six month period has passed, our nursing home lawyer will then star by filing a Michigan Nursing Home Bed Sore Complaint and Jury Demand in circuit court seeking money damages caused by the neglect or abuse. These include claims for pain and suffering, medical expense, and more. A Michigan nursing home bed sore lawsuit must generally be filed within two years of the negligence event, however there are some exceptions.

After the Michigan Nursing Home Bed Sore Lawsuit is Filed

These types of lawsuits can take a year or more in the courthouse to conclude so great patience from the client is needed. Most nursing home bed sore cases settle “out of court,” rather then going through to a jury trial. Although we settle more than 95% of our lawsuits before going to trial, we have a tremendous track record of success in jury trials. The jury will then determine if the Michigan nursing home was negligent in causing your bed sore and the appropriate amount of compensation for your injuries.

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Our Michigan nursing home lawyers will represent you under our No Fee Promise, which means that you pay no legal fees whatsoever unless we settle your claim or win your bed sore lawsuit.  Call us today at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys!