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Filing a Michigan Car Accident Lawsuit

Our auto accident lawyers have significant experience when it comes to filing a car accident lawsuit in Michigan on behalf of an injury victim.  Many times, we are able to settle a claim before every filing a lawsuit, but on other occasions the best way to achieve the maximum settlement is file a lawsuit at the courthouse.

Before We File A Michigan Car Accident Lawsuit

There are several important things that our lawyers do before we ever file a car accident lawsuit.  First, we fully investigate the case to prove that the other drive was at fault for the crash.  We often hire investigators to interview witnesses, take photographs, and obtain other information to prove the case.  In certain cases, we retain a traffic accident reconstruction expert to assist in explaining how the accident happened and why the other drive caused the accident.

We also obtain all of your medical records to prove the serious nature of your injury.  This assists us in establishing the amount of compensation that you should receive for your accident related injuries.  Our lawyers also talk to your friends and family members to see how the accident has impacted your life.  This information can be very valuable and can assist in obtaining the best possible settlement.

Process To File A Michigan Car Accident Lawsuit

If we are unable to settle your case for with the insurance adjuster, we then prepare and file the lawsuit for you.  The lawsuit is typically filed in the county in which the accident occurred.  We start by filing a Michigan Car Accident Complaint and Jury Demand and the case is assigned to a circuit court judge.   We then serve the Complaint on the defendant and this initiates the legal proceedings.

After the Michigan Car Accident Lawsuit is Filed

After the defendant is served with the lawsuit, the attorneys for the parties engage in discovery.  This is often submitting written questions to each other to learn more about each side’s position in the case.  The lawyers often then take depositions, or statements under oath, of the parties, witnesses, police officers, and even doctors to learn more about the accident and the injuries in the case.   Both attorneys will obtain and review all of the medical records.

After discovery is concluded, the parties often attend a mediation or facilitation to get all sides together in an attempt to settle the lawsuit.  If the parties cannot agree on a settlement amount, the judge will set a trial date.  Although we settle more than 95% of our car accident lawsuits before going to trial, we have a tremendous track record of success in jury trials.   The jury will then determine who was at fault in the accident, how seriously you were injured, and the appropriate amount of compensation for your injuries.

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