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Michigan Fatal Drunk Driving Car AccidentsDrivers who have been drinking are more likely to make poor decisions and less likely to adjust to changing traffic conditions. Alcohol can affect your judgment, impair your motor functions and even alter your depth perception. This is why a large number of Michigan DUI crashes result in serious or fatal injuries. If a drunk driver has killed your loved one, it is necessary to act quickly in order to ensure that he or she is held responsible for your losses. When a loved one is killed, the surviving family members may be able to pursue a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit.

Michigan Fatal Drunk Driving Crash Facts

The Michigan Highway Office of Highway Safety Planning collects and reports data about DUI collisions. According to the Traffic Crash Facts report, 260 of the 870 fatal Michigan traffic accidents that occurred in 2012 were alcohol-related. Of the 936 people killed in traffic accidents, 281 were killed in an alcohol-related crash. The highest number of traffic fatalobert ities occurred in June and July but the greatest number of had-been-drinking (HBD) crashes occurred in the months of May and July. There were 30 people killed in alcohol-related crashes in the state of Michigan in both May and July in the year 2012.

Alcohol Related Accident Death Claims

Anyone who has lost a loved one in a DUI crash would be well advised to learn about his or her legal rights. Impaired driving is a form of driver negligence and negligent drivers can be held financially liable for the damages they cause. While an insurance claim is adequate for some situations, a wrongful death claim is often the only way to receive fair compensation for the death of a loved one.

How Much is a Drunk Driving Wrongful Death Claim Worth?

A successful wrongful death claim will hold the drunk driver accountable for all of the damages suffered by the victim's family. Families of deceased victims can claim compensation for damages including:

  • Medical bills and hospitalization costs: The cost of emergency services can be high even when the victim does not survive for long after the accident. Support should be available for all medical expenses related to the crash.
  • Funeral expenses: Support should be available for at least a portion of funeral services.
  • Lost future wages: If the victim was a wage earner, financial support should be available for anyone who lived with the victim and relied on him or her for financial support. Compensation for lost wages should include not only immediate wages lost, but wages that would have been earned had the victim not been killed.
  • Loss of companionship: The court will assign a monetary value to the pain related to the tragic loss of a spouse, parent or child.

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