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Fall In Michigan Hospital Lawsuit Settlement – Patient Fall In MI Hospital Lawyer

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers recently settled a lawsuit against a Wayne County hospital and its radiology technician.  The suit was filed after a patient sustained a significant head injury during a fall in the radiology department.  The suit sought compensation and damages from the injuries suffered from the fall.

The patient was have x-rays performed for a shoulder injury when he was left sitting, unattended on a backless stool after complaining of feeling dizzy to the radiology technician.  The patient soon fell head first off the stool striking his head on the floor.  As a result of the fall, the patient sustained a large laceration on his head, suffered a concussion, and developed mental processing difficulties, memory problems, severe headaches and was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.  He was off work for several months and had difficulty returning to his high level position with an auto manufacturer at the same level prior to his injury.

Falls in hospitals are a major problem in Michigan and in hospitals throughout the United States.  Many patients have risk factors for hospital falls and the hospital staff must employ measures and a plan to prevent patient fall injuries.   The injuries from a hospital fall can be devastating, including bone fractures, head injuries, and even death.

Our Michigan hospital fall injury lawsuit alleged that the radiology technician responsible for the patient’s safety was negligent in placing the patient on a stool and not in a chair and for leaving the patient unattended in the room. A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed in Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit, Michigan.  The parties were able to reach a confidential settlement prior to trial. 

If you or a loved one fell in a Michigan hospital and suffered a closed head injury, or other serious injury, and you suspect the cause of the accident was due to the hospitals negligence or lack of supervision, you may have the legal right to pursue a fall injury lawsuit.  Call our top rated Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. medical malpractice attorneys now to discuss your case and find out your legal rights.  We have significant experience in these types of cases and will explain to you whether or not you do have means for a lawsuit against Michigan hospital. Call our award winning law firm now at (800) 606-1717.