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Failure To Diagnose Melanoma Cancer

Doctors sometimes miss the opportunity for an early diagnosis of skin cancer often referred to as melanoma.  The result of failing to diagnose skin cancer can have tragic consequences. Our medical malpractice attorneys can determine whether the doctor's failure to diagnose melanoma skin cancer was due to medical negligence.

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers represent patients who have suffered injuries due to medical mistakes made by dermatologists or primary care doctors. These doctors play a valuable role in skin inspection. They are required to carefully inspect the skin to make sure you do not have one of the most vicious cancers there is -- malignant melanoma.  Often if dermatologists or primary care physician fail to diagnose skin cancer in its early stages, the result can be deathly to the patient. When a medical error causes a death, it can give rise to a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit.

The most deadly skin cancer is melanoma.  If caught early and treated, it is almost completely curable.  However, if it is not diagnosed at an early stage, the cancer can spread to other places in the body and can be extremely fatal.  When melanoma spreads, it is referred to as metastasizing.  The five year survival rate for melanoma patients who are diagnosed and treated before the cancer metastasizes to the lymph nodes is 99%. The failure of doctors to detect and remove an early melanoma can be medical malpractice.

The melanoma moles come essentially in two forms.  They are either radial or nodular.

The radial moles are identifiable by the acronym-ABCD:

  • A – asymmetry:  if the mole is asymmetrical from one half to the other half, that is suggestive of it being melanoma.
  • B – border:  if the borders are irregular as opposed to being smooth, that is suggestive of it being  melanoma.
  • C – color:  if the mole is multi-colored as opposed to simply being one uniform color, then that is suggestive of  melanoma.
  • D – diameter:  if the diameter is more than a quarter of an inch, that is suggestive again of it being melanoma.

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