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Esophageal Tear & Damage | MI Esophageal Perforation Malpractice Attorneys

Our Michigan medical malpracitce attorneys represent patients who have suffered esophageal damage injuries or a tear to an esophageal due to medical mistakes made by doctors, nurses, and hospitals. When a medical error causes a death, it can give rise to a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit.Esophageal Perforation

An esophageal perforation is a hole in the esophagus allowing the esophagus’ contents to collect within the surrounding chest area.  This hole allows liquids or food particles to pass into the chest area.  These liquids or food particles can lead to irritation and infection. This injury can lead to death, making surgery imperative within 24 hours of the perforation occurring. A vast majority of all esophageal perforations are caused by negligent medical treatment.  It is also possible for these perforations to occur for medical reasons such as tumors or ulcers stemming from acid reflex.

Esophageal Perforation Caused by Medical Negligence

If an esophageal tear occurred and the patient did not contribute to causing the damage, or it did not happen due to an unusual medical condition, it is likely that medical negligence was the reason for the esophageal perforation. Quite often these injuries can occur during various medical procedures, such as an esophagoscopy in which a thin, lighted tube is used to examine the esophagus.

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