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Ectopic Pregnancy Malpractice Cases

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers handle cases involving injuries resulting from failure to timely diagnose and treat an ectopic pregnancy.   An ectopic pregnancy is one that is outside the uterus.  The egg will embed itself in the tissues of the fallopian tube and start to grow in an area that is not meant to accommodate a growing baby.  This can   be life threatening if undiagnosed. 

Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy include bleeding, back pain, flank pain, and continued elevated blood serum pregnancy levels.  The rising levels indicated that the pregnancy is ongoing and continuing.  A physician should suspect that a woman with these symptoms might have an ectopic pregnancy.

When an ectoptic pregnancy is suspected, the doctor should request to see the patient every other day to evaluate whether the pregnancy hormone levels or increasing, decreasing, or staying level.  A sonogram can also be ordered to determine if the pregnancy is within or outside the uterus.  If there is a high suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to have a surgical consultation immediately to avoid serious injury, including death, or damage to the fallopian tube.

A patient who suffers injuries from an undiaganosed and untreated ectopic pregnancy  may have a valid case for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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