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Eaton County Truck Accidents

Our Michigan truck accident lawyers frequently represent victims of heavy truck and bus accidents in Eaton County, Michigan. The number of these types of accidents is discussed in the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning report, Michigan Traffic Crash Facts for County/Communities, published in 2007.  

Overall Analysis

There have been approximately 3050 incidents between 2003 and 2007 which have resulted in either a death or at least a very serious injury to the victim due to Heavy Truck crashes in the State of Michigan. These accidents are a result of a number of factors and topping them are Rash and Negligent driving, Over-speeding, Driver fatigue, drunk driving and inclement weather.

Irrespective of the cause, Traffic Accidents are on the rise throughout the United States. The State of Michigan was no different and Wayne County tops the list of fatal and near fatal accidents due to Heavy Truck accidents with 532 accidents reported and recorded in the publication mentioned above. The average figure across the Counties in the State of Michigan stood at approx 39. Of the accidents that occurred, approx 6% of the victims either died or were very seriously injured in the accident.

While collating these figures the Gross Weight of a Heavy Truck involved in the accident was taken as over 10,000 lbs.

Eaton County Analysis

An analysis of the county specific figures is as under:

Eaton County has a figure of 45 crash incidents in the recorded period; just above the country average of the State of Michigan which stands at 39. It ranked 20th in the List of Serious Injuries or Death resulting from a Heavy Truck Crash amongst all Counties in the State of Michigan. However, with 9.64% of all injuries in a Heavy Truck Crash resulting in a fatality, it ranked 11th in the list for highest percentage of fatalities from a Heavy Truck Accident injury in the country. It ranks 8th overall by the number and percentage of persons either killed or seriously injured in a Heavy Truck Accident in the State of Michigan.

Biggest Cities and Towns in Eaton County

Some of the biggest cities and towns in the Eaton County are as under:

    • Charlotte
    • Eaton Rapids
    • Grand Ledge
    • Lansing (partial)
    • Olivet
    • Potterville


    • Bellevue
    • Dimondale
    • Mulliken
    • Sunfield
    • Vermontville


  • Bellevue Township
  • Benton Township
  • Brookfield Township
  • Carmel Township
  • Chester Township
  • Delta Charter Township
  • Eaton Rapids Township
  • Eaton Township
  • Hamlin Township
  • Kalamo Township
  • Oneida Charter Township
  • Roxand Township
  • Sunfield Township
  • Vermontville Township
  • Walton Township
  • Windsor Charter Township


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It is important to choose a Michigan truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.This will guarantee that your claims are properly submitted in a timely manner.It will also assist the attorney in performing a prompt investigation of the accident so that witnesses can be located and interviewed, photographs can be taken, and the vehicle can be preserved for an inspection.A delay in hiring a lawyer can affect the ability to prove and win your case.

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