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Michigan Drunk Driving Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Our drunk driving accident lawyers represent motorcyclists and passengers injured by intoxicated motorists in Michigan.  Bikers are especially vulnerable to these accidents because of their decreased visibility on the road, especially at night.  Not only will an intoxicated driver have more difficulty seeing a biker than another vehicle, but the drunk driver will also have difficulty perceiving the speed of the biker and is unable to use necessary judgment to avoid an accident.

How Soon Should I Hire a Lawyer after my Motorcycle Accident?

Victims of drunk driving accidents do have legal rights and should pursue them immediately after the crash.  In cases involving a drunk driver, it is essential to begin the investigation as soon as possible.  We hire investigators to track down and interview witnesses right away because they become hard to locate even just a few months after the accident.  Eyewitness testimony is often needed to prove you were not at fault, because the negligent driver will always blame you for the accident. 

What Types of Compensation can I get from the Drunk Driver that Hit Me?

If you were injured in the accident, you can sue the drunk driver that hit you for several types of compensation.  These include:

  • Pain & Suffering (past, present, & future)
  • Fright & Shock
  • Psychological Injuries
  • Scars & Permanent Disfigurements (including road rash)
  • Disability from Work & Activities (including recreational activities)
  • Loss of Income & Wages (lost income that is in excess of your no-fault wage claim)
  • Bystander Claims (witnessing a family member injured or killed in an accident)

In the tragic event that you lost a family member in a motorcycle accident, you and other surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit.  These lawsuits seek compensation for the pain and suffering of the decedent prior to the death, the loss of companionship for the family, loss of income and support, and funeral and burial expenses.

Can I Sue the Place that Served Alcohol to the Drunk Driver before the Accident?

You may be able to sue the bar or other entity for serving alcohol to the intoxicated driver just before the accident and there are strict deadlines for filing these claims.  This is known as a Dram Shop Case.  Testimony and statements from other bar customers, waitresses, and bartenders is essential. to winning a settlement. Any delay in the investigation can damage your chances of winning a settlement if witnesses cannot be located or the bar erases its surveillance cameras.

Do I get Michigan No-Fault Insurance Benefits for a Motorcycle Accident?

You may be entitled to receive no-fault benefits after a Michigan motorcycle accident.  This depends on the type of insurance you purchased for your motorcycle and automobile, if you had one, and the specific facts of the accident.  Our attorneys will review the insurance policies and the accident report to determine if you qualify for benefits.  These benefits include payment of medical bills, lost wages, attendant care services, household services, and other important benefits.

Our motorcycle lawyers will also determine exactly which no-fault insurance company is required by law to pay your motorcycle accident no-fault insurance benefits.  We will contact that insurer to set up your claim and then submit all of your claims for you to the assigned adjuster.  We will then monitor the file to make sure every penny of your benefits are being paid to the hospitals, doctors, clinics, and medical providers. Our attorneys will also get your lost wages paid every month as long as you are disabled for up to three years.

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