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Dog Bite Attacks on Consumers Energy Workers

According to a recent report done by Consumers Energy, there have more dog attacks and injuries from dog bites to meter readers and utility workers than last year.  Since the start of this year, there have already been a total of 14 dog bite attacks and injuries reported versus three dog bite injuries reported in the year of 2011. Out of those 14 dog bite incidents, five utility workers bitten by dog have suffered serious injuries in the dog attacks, with one being hospitalized after receiving stitches on his face and neck. 

Dog bite attacks on Consumer Energy workers and injuries from those attacks is a serious issue and is growing more rapidly. Just in the past two weeks, Consumer’s Energy’s meter readers have reported six dog attacks.

To better protect employees at Consumers Energy, Consumers Energy is asking customers to make sure their pets are leashed or confined away from natural gas and electric meters. If it is believed that an unrestrained dog is in the yard, an employee will not enter the yard.

Michele Kirland, Consumers Energy’s vice president of energy operations, said “This is a serious situation that puts our employees who are out performing their jobs at risk of severe injury.” To obtain the meter reading schedule for your home, access the utility’s website at and register for eServices profile or call (800) 477-5050.  Knowing the scheduled dates when a meter reader is visiting will allow you to take appropriate actions with your pets to prevent serious injury or attack on the utility worker.

Our Michigan dog bite lawyers represent utility workers and meter readers at Consumer’s Energy and other utility companies who suffer injuries from a dog bite or attack while on the job.  Just as these recent statistics report, utility workers are extremely vulnerable to attacks from unleashed or unrestrained dogs in the neighborhood, with dog attacks and dog bite injuries not being uncommon.

If you are a utility worker or meter reader and suffer injury from a dog bite or is attacked by a dog or other animal while at a person’s home in Michigan, you do have legal rights.  There are two types of claims that arise out of the dog bite or attack under Michigan law.  The first claim is for workers compensation benefits, where the injured worker will receive wage loss benefits during the period of disability from the attack, and also receive medical expense benefits for all treatment related to injuries from the animal bite and/or attack.  The second claim is against the dog owner or animal owner for pain and suffering damages resulting from injuries from the animal bite or attack.

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