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Doctors Committing Medical Malpractice Still Able To See Patients

The USA TODAY recently posted a news story, “Thousands of doctors practicing despite errors, misconduct” by Peter Eisler and Barbara Hansen, which discusses the fact that doctors and practitioners who have performed serious medical mistakes or medical malpractice are still allowed to practice medicine and see patients.

The article uses examples of doctors who wrongly prescribed medication or treatment to patient, yet were still allowed to practice or at least several years had passed before they were finally barred from seeing patients.

Medical malpractice, also known as medical negligence, is the term used to describe a wrong committed by a doctor or other medical professional who caused the bodily harm.  It is much more than the health care provider making a simple mistake.  Malpractice occurs when a doctor, physician, nurse, or other provider improperly treats a patient or performs treatment in a negligent matter.

The USA TODAY report shows that “Despite years of criticism, the nations’ state medical boards continue to allow thousands of physicians to keep practicing medicine after findings of serious misconduct that puts patients at risk.”

Unfortunately most medical malpractice victims never recover a dime because they do not know they are victims of negligence.  In fact, it is estimated that 225,000 deaths result from malpractice, but nearly two percent of people who have suffered an injury ever file a claim.  Some of the most common malpractice includes misdiagnosis, surgical errors, anesthesia errors, wrong prescription, and failure to identify a condition presented by corresponding symptoms.

At the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. our Michigan medical malpractice attorneys represent patients who have fell victim of the negligence and as a result suffered serious injuries or even death. These lawsuits require the knowledge of an experienced attorney who specializes in these types of cases due to the fact that they are very difficult and take numerous years to settle. They also require collecting of multiple medical records and testimonials of expert medical witnesses to prove that the patient was treated incorrectly by the physician.

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