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Distractions Cause Medical Mistakes During Surgery

According to reports, 80 times each week, U.S. patients undergoing surgery experience mistakes that safety advocates say should never happen. Considering the number of hospitals that are in the United States this does not seem like a big number. However, the types of medical mistakes occuring during surgery are highly preventable, such as performing the wrong surgery on someone, leaving medical instruments in the body, or performing the surgery on the wrong site of the body leaving unnecessary scarring.

Surgery Mistakes Statistics

Surgeons and their nurses are supposed to be performing the highest amount of care possible for their patient. However, distractions are everywhere. According to a study in Surgery Magazine, mistakes happen to everybody. The mistakes were distributed across the physician age spectrum, with 36% of them happening among surgeons ages 40 to 49. Nearly 30% occurred with surgeons between 50 and 59, while less than a quarter happened among surgeons 39 and younger. Less than 15% were by surgeons 60 or older. Anyone can be distracted. It is important to leave the distractions outside of the operating room, to be able to perform your best work on a patent each time.

The medical malpractice lawyers in Michigan at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. recommend that you research your surgeon, look into your surgeons past and see their track record. Undergoing surgery is a huge deal, and you want to ensure that the surgeon that will be performing surgery on you is highly reputable for past operations.

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