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Death Caused By Bedsores & Pressure Sores

Our medical negligence lawyers in Michigan represent families of hospital patients and nursing residents who died due to complications of a bedsore or pressure sore.  Death from a bedsore is almost always due to the neglect of the medical provider because it means that condition was allowed to develop and then went both unnoticed and untreated in a timely manner.  When a patient dies from a bedsore or pressure sore, it gives rise to a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit.

Bedsores develop because the medical facility failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent the pressure sore from occurring.  Many residents are at high risk for developing bed sores due to a number of medical conditions and the provider is required to assess the patient and formulate a care plan to prevent a pressure sore.  The failure to develop a strategy and implement a plan is medical negligence.

When bedsores and pressure sores that are not identified and go untreated, it will often result in a sepsis infection.  Sepsis is a severe illness in which the bloodstream is overwhelmed by bacteria.   Sepsis can lead to serious medical conditions, including organ shut down, and even death.

When a patient dies from a bedsore, there is often an autopsy performed that establishes that the sore and the related infection were a contributing cause of the patient death.  Many death certificates note the cause of death as “Septic Shock,” which is a direct consequence of the untreated sore or decubitus ulcer.  In situations in which no autopsy was performed, the medical records for the period preceding the death can provide the necessary evidence to establish that the sore was a cause of the death.

A Michigan wrongful death lawsuit seeks compensation for the surviving family members for the loss of the loved one.  Damages include the pain and suffering endured by the patient prior to the death and the loss of society and companionship felt by the surviving relatives due to the death.  Other damages sought include funeral expenses and medical expenses incurred prior to the death.

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