Dearborn Car Accident Lawyers File Failure To Yield Right of Way Auto Accident Lawsuit

Our Dearborn car accident lawyers recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client injured in a Wayne County auto accident. Our client was traveling East on Hubbard Drive at the M-39 Service Drive in the City of Dearborn when a car driven by the Defendant made a left turn into our client’s path without checking the traffic light.  This negligence caused a two-car crash.  Our client suffered various serious injuries in the accident.

The Defendant was ticketed by police for the failure to yield the right of way.  In Michigan, there are specific statutes that address accidents in which a driver fails to yield the right of way and causes an accident with another automobile. These specific laws include that the at-fault driver was negligent for:

  1. Failing, before starting, to see that the said movement could be made in safety, in violation of Michigan Compiled Laws §257.611 and 257.612.
  1. Failing to maintain a proper lookout and observation before turning.
  1. Failing to yield the right of in compliance with the traffic signal which confronted the driver at this intersection in violation of MCL §257.649 and MCL §257.652.

In addition to these specific laws on failure to yield right of way, there are other claims for general negligence that our auto accident attorneys use to prove and win a failure to yield right of way accident cases.

Our client suffered bilateral hernias requiring surgical intervention.  He also suffered injury to his abdomen and knees.

The lawsuit seeks damages for the pain and suffering, disability, and scarring caused by the car accident.  The claim has made against the other driver’s insurance company, AAA, and our client’s insurance company, AAA, for underinsured motorists benefits.  No trial date has been set by the Court.

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