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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Lawsuit | Da Vinci Surgery Injury Lawyer

Our Michigan da Vinci robot surgery injury lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire file lawsuits and claims against surgeons that perform da Vinci robotic surgery on behalf of victims who have suffered serious injury or harm during or after surgery. According to reports, more and more surgeries are being performed robotically which included 400,000 da Vinci robotic surgeries in 2012.

The da Vinci robotic system includes three to four-arms that have tiny surgical instruments and a video camera that allows the surgeon to see inside a patients’ body. The surgeon controls the da Vinci computer system several feet away from a patient. There have been several medical malpractice cases reported after having a surgery with the da Vinci robot including: nicking blood vessels, the robotic arm would not let go of tissue, and suffering infection.

The da Vinci robotic surgery is revolutionary technology that is used to perform less invasive surgeries across the United States including:

  • Gallbladder Surgery
  • Spleen Surgery
  • Head & Neck Surgery
  • Kidney Transplant Surgery
  • Weight Loss Surgery
  • Removing Prostate Surgery
  • Repairing Heart Valve Surgery

Although robotic surgeries result in decreased scarring after surgery, it may not be the best option for every type of surgery. Select procedures such as brain and neck surgeries require operating in harder to reach areas which may prove more challenging with other instruments, however, the da Vinci offers increased advantages for individuals needing these procedures. 

Many things can go wrong in any type of surgery, it is important to know the risks of robotic surgery. Ask your doctor about the success rates your particular surgery procedure has in using the robotic system. In addition, ask your doctor how many of these surgeries they have performed.

There is no specific amount of training needed for a surgeon to be considered proficient at using the robotic system, however, at least 150 procedures gets a surgeon more familiarized with the da Vinci system. If you or someone you know has suffered further injury after having a surgery performed with the da Vinci system it is important to know your legal rights.

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