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Colostomy For Treatment of Pressure Sores, Bed Sores, & Decubitus Ulcers

Our bed sore lawyers in Michigan specialize in cases for hospital patients and nursing home residents who suffer pressure sores and decubitus ulcers in medical facilities.  These serious conditions are preventable if a proper risk assessment is performed both upon admission to the facility and during the admission or hospitalization of the patient or resident.   The failure to prevent this from occurring often gives rise to the filing of a hospital negligence lawsuit or nursing home neglect lawsuit (link to page).

Depending on the seriousness of the pressure sore, doctors consider many types of treatment to prevent further harm and to encourage healing of the wound.  The use of a colostomy is one type of treatment used to treat or care for a pressure.  When a pressure sore is located near the tailbone or buttocks, it is essential to keep that area clean of any bacteria that may further enter the wound.

A colostomy is used to would prevent fecal matter from getting into the bed sore. The colostomy is used to divert the fecal matter away from the wound to promote healing.  This is often used in patients that have flap surgery for the pressure sore.  Quite often, the colostomy can be reversed after the sore has healed.

When a bed sore or pressure requires flap surgery or the use of a colostomy, the patient may have the legal right to pursue compensation for the neglect that led to the wound condition. To learn more about the legal rights of patients who develops a pressure sore in a nursing home or hospital, you should contact our Michigan pressure sore lawyers today.

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