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Child Injury Lawyer Files Michigan ATV Accident Lawsuit | Concussion & Fracture Injuries

Our child injury lawyers recently filed a Lexington Michigan ATV accident lawsuit on behalf of our 13-year-old client who suffered serious injuries while riding an all-terrain vehicle owned by a family friend on their property. The ATV owner invited our client to ride his ATV on the uneven and difficult terrain on his property despite the fact that he knew or should have known that our minor client was inexperienced in riding ATV’s, and did not have an ORV safety certificate. The owner also allowed her to ride without protective gear and encouraged her to ride fast. As she was operating the ATV on the difficult terrain, the vehicle overturned and significantly injured our client.

Michigan law provides a statute specifically addressing the operation of an ORV by a minor. MCL §325.81129 provides that the owner or person in charge of an ORV shall not knowingly permit the vehicle to be operated by a child less than 16 years of age unless the child is under the direct visual supervision of an adult and the child has in his or her immediate possession an ORV safety certificate.

Our client suffered injuries from the Lexington incident and has received continuous treatment for those injuries. Her injuries included a fractured clavicle, fractured hip, and a concussion. Her treatment has included extensive therapy and may require a hip replacement in the future.

The lawsuit seeks damages for the pain and suffering caused by the ATV accident. The lawsuit also seeks payment of medical expenses that have either gone unpaid or were paid by our client’s health insurer, for which they are seeking reimbursement. The ATV accident lawsuit was filed in the Sanilac County Circuit Court. No trial has been set by the Court.

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