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michigan child bike injury lawyerRiding a bike is fun, especially for children. However, apart from automobiles, bicycles are tied to more childhood injuries than any other consumer product. These accidents are extremely tragic and many are avoidable, some safety tips to help avoid child bicycle injuries and fatalities include:

  • Ride predictably, consistently, and attentively.
  • Stay to the right, but not right against the curb - ride in the right wheel track of motor vehicles. This puts bikers within the motorists’ line of sight, and also allows the cyclist to move away from traffic, and other obstacles.
  • NEVER ride more than two abreast.
  • Where motor vehicle speeds exceed 45 MPH, ride in bike lanes or on paved shoulders except when avoiding road hazards, passing another vehicle, or making a left turn.
  • Watch for inattentive motorists - do not assume that they see you.
  • Whenever possible, ride with the direction of traffic.
  • Always wear a helmet – A helmet may not prevent a car-bicycle accident, but it can reduce the seriousness of injuries significantly.

Michigan Child Bicycle Accident Information

Helmet use is the single most effective way to reduce bicycle related fatalities. Universal bike helmet use among children (ages 14 and under) would prevent an estimated 212-294 deaths and 382,000-529,000 injuries per year.

More children ages 5-14 are seen in emergency departments for injuries related to biking than any other sport. Thus, following these tips and wearing a helmet may be the difference between being involved and not being involved in a child bicycle accident. It is important for everyone, especially children, to learn and practice these tips to ensure everyone’s safety.

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