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Car Accidents in Michigan Caused By Distracted Driving | Auto Accident Injury Attorney

In Michigan, phone-involved accidents are at an all-time high, however cell phone use while driving is only a small part of the larger problem – distracted driving. In Michigan, in 2010, nearly 4,000 car accidents were at least partly attributed to distracted driving.  An estimated amount of about 900 more accidents involved cell phone use.  This was the highest number yet for the number of Michigan car accidents caused by distracted driving, and in fact authorities believe this number should even be higher.  This is because many of times, particularly if the accident is fatal, it is hard to determine if a cell phone was being used at the time of the accident, as well as determined much later once reports have already been administered.

Distracted driving can include, but is not limited to, cell phone use while driving, eating while driving, drinking while driving, adjusting the radio, glancing in the back seat to speak to children.

Distracted Driving Statistics in Michigan

According to recent analysis done by, statistics prove that younger drivers pose the biggest threat to themselves and all other Michigan drivers on the roads due to their high tendency of distracted driving.  In fact, since 2002, one in five drivers using a cell phone during a car accident was ages 16 to 19.

In addition, 18-year-olds accounted for the most of any age group, 509 total Michigan car accidents.  This age group was followed closely by 19-year-olds, then 17-year-olds.

Michigan Car Accident Lawsuit For Distracted Driving

Persons injured in a Michigan car accident due to a negligent driver driving while distracted do have legal rights.  The injured victim has legal right to pursue claims for personal injuries and no-fault insurance benefits. No-fault insurance benefits include payment of medical expenses, lost wages, attendant care, and other benefits. 

The injured car accident victim can also make a personal injury claim against the distracted negligent driver for pain and suffering damages. This can include physical pain and suffering, but also emotional pain and suffering as well.

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