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Brain-Damaged Infants | Michigan Child Malpractice Lawyer

The Michigan medical malpractice lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. have experience representing children who have suffered brain injuries and their families.  Many of these cases arise out of brain injuries that occur during or shortly after birth while the child is a newborn.  This mirrors national statistics since on a national scale, most childhood brain injury cases tend to relate to newborns.

Medical malpractice cases seek to hold doctors, hospitals, nurses, and other healthcare providers accountable for preventable errors that occur during medical treatment.  Some common errors that occur during the delivery of a baby include:
  • Head injury from a fall after an abrupt vaginal delivery
  • Profound developmental delay from inadequate hydration of a dehydrated newborn
  • Developmental delay and/or cerebral palsy secondary to failure to timely diagnose and treat hypoglycemia
Many of our clients file a lawsuit because they feel they were not fully informed about the medical problems facing their child at the time the injury occurred.  Very often, our clients have felt they were not prepared for the possibility of long-term neurological problems.

The injuries resulting from traumatic brain injuries are often permanent, and result in a variety of traumatic brain injury damages.  Cases involving brain injuries have substantial value for both jury verdicts and settlements.  This is because of the tremendous costs and expenses related to caring for a brain injured child and the loss of a child's earnings over his or her lifetime.

There are many excellent support groups for brain injury patients in their families throughout the United States that promote treatment, prevention, and education.  Most states have strong local chapters of the national associations, including a Michigan chapter.