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Bile Duct Injury Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

While laparoscopic surgery is becoming even more routine and common, there are still risks and potential complications with the procedure. Laparoscopic surgeries are performed by inserting a small camera and surgical tools through a small incision.   A successful surgery allows for less time under anesthesia and a faster recovery period.

When unsuccessful, however, laparoscopic surgery can result in extremely serious injuries or death. One major risk is an injury to the common bile duct that can occur during a number of different types of abdominal surgeries.  Not only is the surgeon supposed to identify the injury during the procedure, but both the surgeon and nursing staff should closely monitor the patient post-operatively to identify signs and symptoms of a common bile duct injury, such as an elevated white blood count (WBC) or significant abdominal pain. If this condition is time timely diagnosed and treated, the results can be catastrophic or deadly.

The failure to properly treat the patient can result in the filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit.  These lawsuits seek compensation for the pain and suffering, disability, and other damages caused by the failure to diagnose and treat the common bile duct injury.  Lawsuits also seek payment of medical expenses and bills arising from related treatment.  In cases involving the death of the patient, our lawyers file a Michigan Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

If you suspect that you or a family member has been the victim of medical malpractice due to laparoscopic surgery error or mistake, you should contact our law firm office immediately to discuss your case. There are strict time limitations for filing medical malpractice cases in Michigan and if you wait too long, your case may be barred forever.

Call our top rated Michigan medical negligence lawyers to start our review of your medical records with a board certified surgeon to see if you were the victim of malpractice.  If there was a medical mistake, we will represent you under our No Fee Promise, which means there are no legal fees or costs until we win you a settlement.  For your Free, No Obligation Case Review, call us at (800) 606-1717 right now!

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