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Monroe County Bicycle Accident Statistics

Our Michigan car accident lawyers frequently represent victims of bicycle accidents in Monroe County, Michigan.  The number of these types of accidents is discussed in the Southeast Michigan Traffic Crash Facts of 2007, which was published by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments in May, 2008.  Its report was published in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Transportation and several other state and federal agencies.

 Overall Analysis

 A bicycle is defined in the 2000 Michigan Traffic Crash Facts Book as a device propelled by human power upon which a person may ride. Under this definition, a bicycle may have two or three wheels.

Traffic crashes in Southeast Michigan involving bicycles increased 11 percent between 2006 and 2007.  Wayne County led the region in bicycle crashes, followed by Macomb County and Oakland County. Livingston and Washtenaw Counties were the only counties to experience decreases in traffic crashes involving bicycles.

 The figures stood at 1060 accidents in 2007 and this was at 954 in 2006. Traffic crashes involving bicycles are more severe than overall crashes, but less severe than crashes involving pedestrians. More than 19.6 percent of crashes involving bicycles resulted in no injuries, compared to 79.1 percent of all crashes and 11.7 percent of pedestrian crashes.

Bicycle crashes were more common in warmer months, unlike pedestrian crashes. This is likely due to the difficulties of bicycling in snowy or icy conditions. Bicycle crashes peaked in the month of July at 185 crashes and hit a low point in February with 12 crashes.  July saw the maximum bicycles accidents. Bicycle crashes follow a time-of-day pattern that is similar to pedestrian crashes, with most crashes occurring in the late afternoon and early evening hours.

Monroe County Analysis

Monroe County recorded a figure of 20 bicycle related accidents in 2007 as against 20 recorded in 2006. The bicycle related accidents in Wayne stood the highest at 434, much on the lines of the pedestrian accident.

 An analysis of the county specific figures for Southeastern Michigan are shown in this graph

Biggest Cities in Monroe County

         Luna Pier

 Choosing the Best Lawyer For Your Accident Case

It is important to choose a Michigan bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.  This will guarantee that your claims are properly submitted in a timely manner.  It will also assist the attorney in performing a prompt investigation of the accident so that witnesses can be located and interviewed, photographs can be taken, and the vehicle can be preserved for an inspection.  A delay in hiring a lawyer can affect the ability to prove and win your case.

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